Apple employees can’t stop walking into the beautiful glass doors at new Apple Park campus

It turns out that when a company loves glass buildings and also creates devices for hours of addictive personal use, sometimes it ends up with injured employees who are too distracted by the products to notice walls. A report from MarketWatch today details how the company has had to call emergency services to assist multiple employees who can’t help but accidentally walk into glass walls. None of the injured employees required hospitalizations, but some were treated for minor cuts to the head.

The new Apple Park campus was slated to open last year, but many employees only began moving into the building early this year. After the incidents, employees began using Post-its to mark where walls are, but the sticky notes were reportedly removed “because they detracted from the building’s design.”

The irony is delicious that Apple employees were too glued to their iPhones to notice the harms they’re bringing upon themselves, but, legally speaking, Apple may be subjected to a workplace violation. California laws require employees to be ”protected against the hazard of walking through glass by barriers or by conspicuous durable markings,” so the company could be fined if it does not find a better solution for marking doors and walls — or it keeps removing Post-it notes put up with the expressed purpose for just that.

It wouldn’t the first time Apple got in trouble for putting its architectural vision before prioritizing safety. In 2012, an 83-year-old woman sued Apple after walking into a see-through door at an Apple Store and breaking her nose.

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